There is a lot of talk out there about what is business credit. That’s an important question, but it cannot be answered without another question coming up. That is, how does it affect fundability? Then of course, the question can be asked, what exactly is fundability? All of these questions build on each other.

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What you don’t know about your business credit file can hurt you. You see, your business credit file is to your company as your personal credit file is to you as an individual.

Business financing is a challenge for many businesses. Don’t make it harder to get business financing with a bad bank credit score. We show you how to fix it.

While there are a number of other business credit reporting agencies out there, D&B, Experian, and Equifax are known as the big three. Not surprisingly, they are the largest and most commonly used.

First, to be clear, minority small business grants, and any grants for that matter, are totally free money that you do not have to pay back. As such, those awarding grants typically do not consider your ability to repay a grant in the selection process.

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If you are a person of color who runs a business, you could end up having some trouble finding traditional loans that will work with your unique needs. Typically, there are not a lot of loans designed specifically for minority business owners.

Fundability is like a huge ball of yarn, full of layers and twists and turns that all touch each other.At its core, it is how a lender views a business in relation to whether or not it will repay debt.

Have you ever wondered what exactly is on your corporate credit report? For instance, what is it telling lenders about your business? How are lenders using the information in their decision-making process? Are they simply taking the information at face value? Do they have their own formulas and algorithms that they apply? Your corporate credit report may not be what you think it is.