While it’s almost impossible to fully fund a business on grants alone, minority business grants are a great way to supplement other types of funding. For example, if you win a grant, you can use it to reduce the amount of debt you need to take on.

Every business needs strong business credit. Make it a goal in this new year to learn how to start business credit, and how to keep it strong so you can grow your business into more than you ever imagined.

In today’s world we all have a number. Every number associated with us, whether it is intentional or not, identifies us. We have a Social Security number. We have loan numbers.

Traveling isn’t hard right? I mean, you just jump in your automobile of choice and hit the road. It’s a whole lot easier however, if you map out your trip. The same is true of building better credit.

The United States is known as the melting pot for a reason. It is full of people with roots stretching worldwide. Some countries are less represented than others however. This means we have a lot of citizens in minority groups.

Building business credit, step by step, is not as hard as it may seem at first glance. It is, however, a process. There are specific steps that must be taken. These steps must be taken in order.

Need bad credit business credit cards but don’t know where to turn? We’ve got you covered.

Many business owners do not understand their business credit score. What is it? How is it generated? What can I do to make it higher? Individual consumers normally find that much of their lending life rests on the FICO score, but what about businesses? Which scores do business owners need to worry about?

Many of us analyze ourselves mercilessly in the mirror. We pick apart every flaw and consider how we might change or improve each one. While that may or may not be a positive activity, in the same way, you can improve the success of your business by reflecting on what is working and what is not.