It’s 2020, time for smarter hiring practices. Hiring is costly, but bad hiring can be devastating to a business. Learn how to perfect this essential business skill. Plus, nine other ways to take your small business to the next level this year.

1The Hottest and Most Brilliant Business Tips for YOU – Bring Smarter Hiring Practices to Your Business and More

The Hottest and Most Brilliant Business Tips for YOU – Bring Smarter Hiring Practices to Your Business and More

Our research ninjas at Business Credit Guru smuggled out ten amazing business tips for you! Be fierce and score in business with the best tips around the web. You can use them today and see fast results. You can take that to the bank – these are foolproof! Start with smarter hiring practices and more and watch your business grow and thrive.

Stop making stupid decisions and start powering up your business. Demolish your business nightmares and start celebrating as your business fulfills its promise.

And these brilliant business tips are all here for free! So, settle in and scoop up these tantalizing goodies before your competition does!

#10. How to Excel in Your Business

Our first jaw-dropping tip is all about working with our old friend, Excel. HubSpot says this old workhorse program is on many if not most resumes. That is, for people looking for office jobs. There are any number of traditional uses for Excel. The article provides instructions for how to create a business model. That’s worth the price of admission all by itself.

So, instead, we want to concentrate on one specific use in the article.

Time Tracking

There are any number of time tracking apps and software out there. But before you go and plunk down serious money for one or learn a new system (even if it’s free), our old friend Excel can also do the job.

All you really need is a spreadsheet with the following:

Dates Covered1/17/2020to1/23/2020
DateTime InLunch StartLunch EndTime OutHours Worked
1/17/20208:45:00 AM1:00:00 PM1:30 PM5:00 PM7:45
1/18/20209:00 AM12:00 PM1:00 PM5:30 PM7:30
1/19/20208:15 AM12:15 PM1:00 PM6:00 PM9:00
1/20/20208:30 AM11:30 AM12:00 PM5:30 PM8:30
1/21/20209:00 AM11:45 AM12:30 PM5:00 PM7:15
1/22/20209:00 AM12:00 PM12:45 PM4:15 PM6:30
1/23/20209:15 AM12:30 PM12:45 PM5:45 PM8:15
Total Hours Worked54:45:00

FormulasHire Better in 2020 Business Credit Guru

Here’s how the formulas work. Let’s start with cell A1 (that’s where you type Dates Covered). In cell A3, put the first date of the time period you’re covering. Obviously, if your time period is longer or shorter, add cells accordingly. In our example, you put the last date of the time period in cell A9.

For cell B1, type =A3. This gets you the first date of the time period. In cell A4, type to. And in cell A5, type =A9 (if you’re adding or subtracting dates, then you want the cell including the last date after the equals sign).

Format cells B3 through E9 under Custom. Add h:mm AM/PM as the format. For cells F3 through F9, format under Time, 13:30. In cell F10, format it under Time, 37:30:55.

The F3 formula is: =(C3-B3)+(E3-D3). Place your cursor in the right lower corner of cell F3 until you see a black cross. Pull down until cell F9 and you’ll get the right formula for all of the cells where you need it.

The F10 formula is: =SUM(F3:F9). Everything else is just formatting and depends on how pretty you want the spreadsheet to be.

To calculate salary, add a column where you convert the hours to regular format (it’s probably easiest to do this manually). Hence, 8:30 should be written as 8.5. Add one more column and type in =(cell name*salary), where cell name is the designation of the cell with the converted format and salary of course is what you pay on an hourly basis.

Excel Rocks, and It Works

When your company gets larger, Excel might no longer be a feasible way to handle your time tracking. But until it is, this hardworking program can be your best friend.

#9. Get in the Ring with Business Heavyweight, Amazon

The next awesome tip is about competing with the 700-pound gorilla in the room: Amazon. Small Business Bonfire notes smaller enterprises can successfully compete. They are often nimbler and can be quicker to react to new information or business conditions. Those are huge advantages. Here are a few more.

Personalized Service

There are only a few areas where Amazon can truly offer a personalized sales experience. For example, when installation is offered. And even then, installation isn’t offered everywhere. It’s a lot more likely to be available if you live in a major urban center (like I do).

So, you, as a small business owner, have got something that Amazon doesn’t.

In your shop, you can greet customers by name if you know them. And you can use data to give them personalized recommendations. While Amazon tries to do so with offering related products, they don’t always hit their marks.

You’re smarter than Amazon’s suggestion database.

I guarantee it.

Smarter Hiring Practices Business Credit Guru

If you are as passionate about succeeding in business as we are, please help us spread the word about how to take the plunge and save time and money – and your sanity! Make smarter hiring practices a part of your business’s DNA in 2020, and more.

#8. Improve Your Website Rankings

Our following life-changing tip concerns upping your website rankings in search. Success Harbor lays it all out for us.

Now, we’ve blogged about a lot of their suggestions already. Here, they’re in a convenient format. But I will caution you: some of the information is out of date. For example, they suggest getting backlinks from StumbleUpon. Well, they shut their doors in June of 2018.

So, take their suggestions with a grain of salt.

We suggest, of course, to create as good a website as you can. That means speed, links that work, user security, and relevance. Because what helps you succeed in search will also help you succeed in business.

#7. Google, Let Me Talk to You About Search

For our next sensational tip, we looked at improving and optimizing your website for voice search. Doers Empire says that voice search is getting big – which is exactly what our SEO people are telling us. Current reports say a good 3.5 billion voice searches go on every day. Yeah, that’s billion with a B.

We recommend reading the entire article as there are details which you shouldn’t miss. So, instead, we’ll concentrate on one area only.

Long-Tail Keywords Rule

You may have heard the term before (at least, I hope you have). If you haven’t, no sweat. Here’s what they are.

Let’s say you go shopping for a birthday present for the six-year-old daughter of a friend. And you know this little girl loves animals. The more exotic, the better.

Instead of searching for just gifts, your search might look something like this.

Show me zebra-striped barrettes for a little girl. The seller must offer free shipping.

You’ll get a lot fewer results this way. But the chances of them being on point are extremely high.

By being specific in your prose on blogs and product and landing pages, you’ll get prospects who are a lot closer to buying. They know what they want. And once search serves them with choices, they’ll decide.

You may pick the first return you get. Or the one with the best prices, or a seller you know and trust. Maybe you’ll select a local retailer or made in the USA or even a seller where you have an account and can get loyalty points.

To make your search even faster, you might even specify those particulars from the start. If you only get one search result, then so what? If it’s precisely what you want and need, you have no need for a second search result.

Specify. You’ll never regret it.

#6. Save Bucks on Search

This tip is so cost-effective, and it works! Word Stream tells us all about improving your pay per click (PPC) budget. Paid search can be a godsend. It can get your product or service in front of so many more people! So, don’t spend an arm and a leg on it.

A lot of this article is about budgeting and forecasting, so please check it out for the details.

Our biggest takeaway from it was to keep in mind that results in search aren’t immediate. So, be patient! And recognize that any budgeting will need to take multiple month payments into consideration.

You won’t be an overnight success. But with smart paid search planning, your not-so fast success won’t come at the expense of too much of your company’s budget.

#5. Smarter Hiring Practices Can Be Yours

Grab this mind-blowing tip while it’s hot!

It’s 2020, time to bring smarter hiring practices to your business.

Small Business Bonfire says there are some understandable legal pitfalls when it comes to hiring and firing.

The article provides valuable advice for both hiring and firing. It really should be read in its entirety – we highly recommend it. This includes doing a business background check, of course.

But first, here are some personal stories/observations on both.

Hire Better in 2020 Business Credit GuruHiring – a Personal Story

Of course, your intrepid blog writer has been hired in places. And I have also done hiring in some places.

My first tip is to make candidates feel comfortable. Remember, you were in the exact same situation before. Being kind costs your company nothing (whereas the hiring process for just one new employee can run about $4,000). And being kind can help more introverted candidates shine.

Not all of your employees have to be live wires, unless you’re hiring for the Sales Department. Hiring some of the quieter people out there can help better balance your workforce. Going out of your way to make them comfortable can help some people who otherwise may not interview well most of the time. More perspectives are good for any business.

Firing – a Personal Story

Yeah, I have been through this as well. And I have had to fire people. It’s never easy. It shouldn’t be.

My suggestion is to, assuming the person wasn’t actively stealing from the company or harassing your other employees, make it easy for them to collect unemployment. There are states where there are a lot of restrictions on who can collect. You may be disappointed in a hire who didn’t work out and didn’t really do much. But keep your personal feelings out of it if you can.

You may be less than thrilled with your ex-employee. But your okay could be all that’s standing between them getting an unemployment check and being able to feed their family – or not. You’re angry at them, maybe. But you’re probably not angry at their spouse or significant other. And for God’s sake, you’re not angry at their children. Right?

So, don’t begrudge them the ability to collect on insurance that you and they have paid into. You won’t get that money back by being nasty.

Do this, and you’ll be able to sleep at night.

Smarter Hiring Practices Business Credit Guru

If you are as passionate about succeeding in business as we are, please help us spread the word about how to take the plunge and save time and money – and your sanity! Make smarter hiring practices a part of your business’s DNA in 2020, and more.

#4. Use Your Smarter Hiring Practices and Put Together a High-Performing Team Through Leadership

Check out this spectacular tip, all about building higher-performing teams through leadership. Talk about your smarter hiring practices! Proof Hub notes that their first suggestion is to do just that – to engage in smarter hiring practices and bring in people who you feel can excel. And, they need to be people who you feel will work well together.

We wanted to focus on one particular tip.

Address the Team, Not Individuals

We found this to be a fascinating idea. Now, of course teams are composed of individuals. Their roles and responsibilities must be clearly defined. Underperformers should be shored up and helped, so they can succeed.

But this particular tip is about when things go a little, shall we say, ca-ca.

When one person is continually blamed for problems, it doesn’t just hurt them. It doesn’t just make their work life miserable. It can also make others’ work lives miserable. If you have put together a good team who like to work together, then blaming X for really anything is going to be felt by the entire team.

We would like to add not just addressing the entire team when things go haywire. We also strongly suggest any personal issues for one employee in particular be handled in private.

Because dressing down an employee in front of others, no matter how well-deserved, makes people uncomfortable.

Do the right thing and wait for a time when you’re not in front of the rest of the team. HR may need to be involved, of course. It can’t always be one on one. Just, eliminate the audience.

Treat that employee like you would want to be treated.

#3. Huddle Up and Get Your Business Going

It’s not your imagination: this winning tip can help you more effectively handle your short huddle-style meetings. Great Game tells us a company huddle should be handled more or less like an actual sports huddle.

That is, check your current game conditions. What works, and what doesn’t?

Check the score. That is, what are your numbers?

And plan the next play. As in, what are your upcoming plans?

But our fave tip was to get all fired up. Being psyched about who you are, and what you do, is a great way to lead your business into future success. Dare we say? It helps make your smarter hiring practices really pay off.

#2. Polish the Shine on a Dull Industry

Our second to last unbeatable tip can give you a new perspective on creating compelling content, even when your company and your industry aren’t exactly excitement fests. Noobpreneur reveals all about garnering attention even when you’re industry is kind of, for lack of a better word, dull.


So, how do you do it? We really liked the examples and ideas this article had, so we recommend reading it in its entirety. Hence, we’ll zero in on just one of their ideas.

Focus Your Blog Topics

We firmly believe in this! Consider these Friday posts. While they aren’t about business credit, per se, they are about running a small business. Marketing is a huge part of business, and it can lead directly to success. Furthermore, the better you can market yourself and your business, the better you’ll handle important business moments such as meeting with investors or talking to a lender about a loan.

Going utterly off-topic is a poor idea pretty much 100% of the time. Why?

Because your readers aren’t coming to your blog for your movie reviews if your company is all about baking cookies. With no connection to your main topic, your readers will see the off-topic post for what it is – a waste of their time.


There’s nothing wrong with branching out a bit. But you need a connection to the main topic at hand. Without that connection, you just look like you’re trying to be all things to all people. And that never works out.

#1. Become an Investor Magnet

We saved the best for last. For our favorite remarkable tip, we focused on attracting investor attention with your personal attributes. Startup Professionals says a personal connection between you and angel investors and venture capitalists can be the difference between success and failure.

They cited a few examples of how you can become catnip to investors. Here are a few that we especially loved.

Integrity, Humility, and Stability

Yeah, we know. There are a lot of wacko geniuses out there. But stability goes a lot further with investors. You could be brilliant. But if the investors think there’s a chance you’ll crash and burn, they’ll lose interest. And if they think you’ll skip town with their funds, then they’ll be happy to have the law on you.

Effective Communication

You don’t have to be a salesperson. The two suggestions in the article were to personalize communications and to listen as well speak. And let’s face it, that’s good life advice anyway.

Already Set and Achieved Fundamental Milestones

Many investors want to see you’re already on you’re way. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to already be profitable. It’s more that you have set goals and have met some of them. This doesn’t just show you’re operating well. It also shows that you’re capable of making SMART goals and follow through.

Expert in Your Chosen Field

This, we felt, is key. This doesn’t just show that you know your stuff. It also means that you keep up with your industry. And it means that you are willing and able to continue your education. You don’t rest on your laurels. You read, you network with people in your field, and even return to school if necessary. And you care about being right.

Pro tip: it’s not just investors who love that.

So, which one of our brilliant business tips was your favorite? And which one will you be implementing now?

Smarter Hiring Practices Business Credit Guru

If you are as passionate about succeeding in business as we are, please help us spread the word about how to take the plunge and save time and money – and your sanity! Make smarter hiring practices a part of your business’s DNA in 2020, and more.