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What you eat affects your health. How much you study affects how well you do on a test. How well you listen affects your understanding. Our actions have consequences. It’s just a fact.

Did you know that your business address matters when it comes to starting business credit? Your address matters. And there are other things that can make a difference. Here’s how you can start off on the right foot when it comes to business credit.

Business owners old and new often wonder how to build corporate credit. This is just one of the many questions that pop up when running a corporation. Thankfully, there is more information available than ever before on running a corporation, from building corporate credit to understanding your financial statements, and everything in between.

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As a business owner, you may be beginning to hear the word fundability a lot. It may come from lenders, various media platforms, or your own current creditors. What is fundability? Fundability, in the simplest terms, is the ability of your business to get funding.

It can be tricky to get a loan for new business endeavors. You do not yet have the benefit of a long time in business, profitability, or positive business credit history.

There are so many factors that affect the fundability of your business. Truthfully, your Experian profile is just one link in a very long fundability chain. However, that does not mean it isn’t important.